LMLGC's Facilities


The Club House

The LMLGC's Sciota Station home range consists of sixty acres of pastured and forested land located on Garrison road northeast of Laingsburg, Michigan, and features a clubhouse with kitchen, a 40 x 50 foot open air pavilion.

The 25 yard range
The main range includes 133 firing positions at distances of 25, 50, and 100 yards. There is a separate primitive range located along an oak-covered ridge. There is also a trap range and a "Quack and Quail" range to test the marksmanship of shotgunners and trade gun enthusiasts.

Another view of the 25 yard range showing parts of the 50 yard range.


LMLGC has both spacious primitive and modern campgrounds, the latter
has electrical hookups.

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