Lansing Muzzle Loading Gun Club Newsletter 

                                                                                          September 2017





                                               Next Meeting is October 8 at 1:00 pm  

                                                               Board Meeting at 12:00 before the general meeting.

        It is Election Time; we are going to need nominations for Officers.  Time to step up.  Larry Cummin’s board seat is up for election.

        Donations are always needed for the Primitive Range plunder box.

If anyone has old trophies, the club is always in need of them; Jim Brotherton recycles them for the kids’ Monte Heiser shoot.

Please remember to lock the gate whenever you use the club; and turn the tumblers after you open the lock. Lock the 2 locks together so Consumers can get in.  



President: Mike Young-----------517-721-1406…………

V. President: Judd Stead  -------989-725-5833…………

Treasurer: JB Brotherton -----517-393-2772…………

Range Officer: John Dyer-------517-541-2992

Secretary: Larry Peterson--------------15369 Chandler Rd., Bath, MI 48808---------517-719-3541



                  Director @ Large: Marty Goodman                        Director @ Large: Larry Cummins



Building: JB Brotherton

Primitive: Don Tilton

Shotgun: Rick Angevine   

Shotgun: Larry Peterson

Grounds: Jim Brotherton






                                                                                                      The General Membership meeting took place on September 10, 2017.


                                                           President Mike Young called the meeting to order, lead us in the Pledge and read the Second Amendment. There were seven members at the meeting.


TREASURY REPORT: by JB Brotherton.  

September Report: 

                                                             MTA-STA Barry Bohnet, 2nd Leon Dennis

 SECRETARY REPORT: by Larry Peterson.      

                                                            MTA- Leon Dennis, 2nd Barry Bohnet




PRIMITIVE:    The Fall Shoot was good for the Primitive Range, good turnout.

A big thanks to Todd, Tyler and Connor McCastle for working on the Primitive Range, a fantastic job of cleaning up. 

 The Primitive Committee is hosting a Rendezvous the weekend of October 20, 21, and 22.  

The Swamp Shoot will be Nov. 4. This is open to Members and Friends.  Invite friends and neighbors out to shoot.  Shooting starts at 9am, cost is $10.00 and a $ 3.00 50/50. Hosting this year’s Swamp Shoot will be Leon, who won last year’s smoothbore class, and Herb, who won last year’s rifle class.  Feel free to bring a pot of food to share.


Someone was smoking on the range during the Fall Shoot; some “No Smoking” signs will be posted.


Don will not be Booschway next year. We need a New Booschway for the Primitive next year.


Barry thanked everyone who helped him look for his Jag for his gun.


SHOTGUN:  The new roof for the Trap house is on, just a few thing to finish up.

The Fall shoot went well, with a record number of shooters and money turned in.

A thanks to Jim and Logan for helping out.  Thanks to Marty for the shotgun donations.

RANGE:  Dead until the Turkey Shoot.


GROUNDS:  Needs mowing and weed trimming.

KITCHEN:  The kitchen is getting ready for the Turkey Shoot..


Old Business:    Larry looked for the Farmall tractors for sale on M52, but found 

out it was an auction, which he missed.

              Larry reported he only had one Club 75th anniversary shirt left (XXL).  Larry said he would submit a report at next meeting.  Larry thanked Judd and his daughter-in-law Amber for making the shirt sale happen.


      Discussion was held on doing away with the Turkey Shoot and hosting the 3 year Michigan Muzzleloading State Rifle Shoot.  One drawback was getting help in the kitchen for the 5-day shoot. The kitchen committee said they could cover the event if they only did breakfast and lunch.  Hosting this would allow us to show off the club to a larger crowd of muzzleloaders.  Leon made a motion to hold the state shoot here, 2nd by Jim Dietrich and passed.

New Business:   Jim Dietrich asked about a budget for the archery range, after discussion it was determined that any money for the archery range would be part of the Primitive budget.

Show & Tell:   Jim Dietrich in a Pedersoli Blue Ridge Flintlock that he is in the process of redoing with a mustard finish.


                                                           MTAj – Barry Bohnet; 2nd – Leon Dennis



50/50 Raffle:  Leon won and donated his winnings back to the club. Thanks Leon.



Next meeting:

October 8th, 2017